Swedish success in the biathlon

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2nd in the 10km sprint. The winner though is something else!  Will be hard to beat him at the olympics in February.
from the internet.
Lindström Challenges Fourcade

After a dominating performance in the men’s 20K individual, today could have been a mere confirmation effort for Fourcade. However, local favorite Lindström got in his way and made it a tough fight for the top spot. Fourcade had a 4.5 second lead over the Swedish star after the prone stage, but that changed after Fourcade picked up a penalty in standing and Lindström shot clean. Now the tables turned; the Yellow Bib was 6.8 seconds back. At the 8.7K split, Lindström was still 6.7 seconds ahead. Then, in the final 1.3K, it shifted back to advantage Fourcade, as Lindström fell and ended up behind Fourcade at the finish. Several others including Burke shot clean, but could not match Fourcade’s skiing. Many times during the season, sprint results find the top 10 stacked like books in a library, separated by a few seconds. That was not the case here Fourcade, Lindström and then third place more than 24 seconds back. Although his performance was not flawless, Fourcade again proved to be the best man at the finish line but maybe not in the stadium.. 

Lucky Fourcade

Fourcade admitted that even though he won in the end, Lindström may have been better than him today. "I was a bit lucky. I was disappointed for Fredrik since he fell on the last lap. We both know he would have won if had not fallen."

Last Saturday down the North End Road

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This is the road outside of West Kensington tube station, and the road off where Ebba lives and the road where our hotel was.

Further up the road is a daily (not Sunday) fruit and veg market virtually every bowl was £1! Good quality stuff, if only we lived nearby!
This road also has some family history from my great grandfather (Sidney) on my mothers side.
Below from Angies book
"Sidney Arthur Beck age 22 married Florence Thorn on February 15th 1914 at the
Parish Church of St. Luke, Chelsea and Sid said his father, Arthur Beck, was a
Chauffeur. Their daughter Dorothy was born and Britain declared war on Germany
on August 4th.  My grandfather, William Arthur Beck, enlisted in the Army Service Corps saying he was only 40 years old. He was sent to France on the 3rd October 1915 until 3rd March 1916. I wonder if he was involved in the Gallipoli evacuation at Anzac and Suvia Bay on December 20th. He
was discharged ‘no longer physically fit’ on 25th September 1916, his wife Emma
and the three girls, Isobel 12, Cicely 10 and Alive 6 were living at 347 North End Road in Fulham.
347 North End Road how it is today.

More London sights

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The Thames, Tower Bridge in the background.
A walk over the Thames.
St. Pauls from the side.
Inside Convent Garden.
Outside Convent Garden.

Eating in England

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Well after a week in England on an eating holiday this is what I managed :-  Belgian (mussels) , Chinese (chop suey) , Italian (pizza and more)  Spanish (tapas - well good)  Indian (see photo, regret now that I couldn't finnish it all)  English Fish & Chips, Steak & Chips, Steak & Ale Pie with mash. Plus on the snack side managed a kebab, Sausage Roll, Pork Pie, Hot dog, Roast beef sandwiches (from Roast, Borough Market twice )  Chocolate eclairs, Cream Teas, Cheesecake. And a full breakfast every morning at the hotel.
Now i'm taking it easy until christmas, back to 5-2.
Couldn't find this coffee place though.

No Biathlon today.

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Went to the Biathlon today only for it to be called off just one minute before the first person should start.

Been fairly stormy all day, but they thought it would be ok until five minutes before the start when a major storm made a direct hit on the stadium,

 As reported online
Sleet, Snow and Heavy Winds
The competition jury decided to postpone the women’s 15K individual until Thursday at 13:15, due to athlete safety considerations. The Östersund Ski Stadium was blasted with a sudden sleet and snow burst accompanied by extremely heavy winds, making for extremely unsafe conditions. As the first starters were heading to the start house, a fierce wind blasted the
stadium, blowing several tents and banners in the spectator area while trees
were bent almost horizontal. Just as quickly, heavy sleet and snow followed.
Athletes, coaches, officials and John S. quickly exited the stadium. 

Can't be true .......

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Yes its my birthday, big deal!   52 years old !
Don't really make a big thing of my birthday, for instance only had a small celebration on my 50th, can't really remember if we did anything special!

Swedish road sign

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A few years ago I had a collision with an Elk, it survived and actually just walked away, had damage to the car that cost quite a bit of money to repair (repaired ½ of the damage) , it really shook up every one in the car, these are BIG animals, look at the road sign to see the size of elk against the size of the car, this road sign is under exaggerating.
The Elk we had wasn't road kill, it was killed by Fia's cousins hunting team in Lit, we bought 31 kilo's of meat.

Only in England.

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This is the article on the internet from one of the national newspapers .

Arctic blast will bring snowfalls next week, with temperatures set to plummet below freezing (but experts say the snow will be 'pretty' rather than a problem!)

The coldest weather of the year so far is set to hit swathes of the country as Arctic winds bring flurries of snow and widespread frost, with temperatures dipping as low as -3C.
Seems like we have timed our holiday just right.
The cold temperature as low as -3C !!  
Being in Östersund we are used to very cold winters the coldest I have been outside in (since 1989) is -34C (that was two years ago) usually  we are around the -10 to -15 mark most days in december - january, but there can be periods stretching to weeks in the -20's.  I have noticed that the winters have been milder in the last five years or so (apart from a 3 week period -two years ago)  Like this winter for example, it has't gone into the double figures yet.   In Sweden its a dry cold so often doesn't seem so cold as in a damp cold like in the UK, if you have been to Sweden in the winter you know what I mean. 

Gambling is for mugs.

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But tonight I got lucky. Sanchez £1 at 18-1 & Mitroglou £2 at 17-1 to get two goals, lost out on Sweden & France mind.

transactions Details Amount
21:54 Bet Winnings England v Chile - A Sanchez @ 18/1 (Win) £9.50

21:21 Bet Winnings Greece v Romania - K Mitroglou @ 17/1 (Win) £36.00

15 Nov 2013 @ 21.54
Via Internet This bet has been settled International Friendlies - England v Chile - A Sanchez @ 18/1 (Win)
21:54 Bet Winnings England v Chile - A Sanchez @ 18/1 (Win) £9.50

Turned £13 into £55 today.

Home alone

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Another Swallow has fled the nest. Now its just the two of us (three with Happy) and because I work away its often just the one (& Happy)

Now I have no stylish clothes to borrow. The spiderman outfit is not exactly my size. Don't know about the Robin Hood one.

What to do in London.

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Firstly we hope to meet as many of the family as possible and spend as much time with our darling daughter that is manageable with her scedule (still unknown by me at time of writing).

On my list to do in London (if time allows - you know me I go with the flow) is visit again the Harp pub in Convent Garden (National pub of the year in the UK 2011 - CAMRA) go on a Fullers brewery tour, go to the Czech beer festival at the Porterhose, Convent Garden (just for an hour or so), eat at Belgo's Convent Garden and possibly accompanied by a Belgian beer, premier league football match, Borough market, Brick Lane and then even a museum or two, because some of us have culture. And thats it!

5- 2 diet

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I'm finding its quite a hard diet for variation, quite a task to pick out different beers with 5,2 % in alcohol strength.
I much prefer the stonger beers from Belgium.

Just fourth?

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Sweden has been rated as the fourth best destination in the world in a new ranking by the Lonely Planet travel guide, thanks to its emerging pop-culture, it's food, and the fact that the north holds the setting for next year's European Capital of Culture.

Lonely Planet was impressed by Sweden this year, ranking the northern country as the fourth best travel destination in the world after Brazil, Antarctica, and Scotland.

It went on to praise the Sweden's emerging new pop culture sensation, and the fact that Umeå in the north will be the European Capital of Culture in 2014.

Editors note.

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Johns blog places it on record that there was never any intention to knowingly or unknowingly cause harm with the publication of the photograph yesterday accompanying the blog " Fetch Happy" its seems that the wrong photograph from my huge catalog of labradors was used, I would like to strongly classify that the photograph is NOT of Happy!

Johns blog once again deeply and sincerely regrets the distress that this photograph has caused and now will like to put the record straight with the publication of the intended photograph.

Below is the photo that was intended for "Happy fetch"
This is her usual reaction to fetch Happy.

Coming soon to Östersund.

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Will be there watching five out of the six competing days!
For the last four years have taken some of my holiday leave to watch this, the best in the world come to Östersund to compete, the least I can do is watch.  Also live on eurosport

Super Sunday

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Three premier league matches on normal tv on Sunday (promotion as its fathers day in Sweden) never happened before (always on the pay channels) one after the other live from 1 pm, being that I am up in Umeå, means that I will be watching all three, with no distractions!

10th November 2013
Barclays Premier League
Tottenham V Newcastle
Sunderland V Man City
Man Utd V Arsenal

Come on Arsenal !

Indian lunch.

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Photograph taken on my smart phone, by me!
8th November, Gandhi restaurant, Umeå, Sweden.
Restaurant re-opened (after 4 months) this week after moving premises.
Buffet lunch, this was my 2nd portion, verdict was ok, we have a better Indian restaurant in Östersund.


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Remember, remember, the 5th of November
The Gunpowder Treason and plot;
I see of no reason why Gunpowder Treason
Should ever be forgot.

And famous birthdays on this day Bryan Adams, Tilda Swinton and Tatum O'Neal  (whoever she is?)

Spot my hat.

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      Missing hat.
     After searching every possible place that I could have left my hat for ten minutes then getting really worked up and throwing around jackets and going through pockets and raising my voice in the direction of all at home, I noticed our lovely dog minding her own buisiness guarding her prize. Well she is a well trained reciever!
ps This is the only family member whom will be appearing in photographs on this blogg as I don't want to be give offence to anyone by using unauthorized material. Otherwise I will really be in the doghouse.

A little bit of ...

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culture for a Sunday.

My favorite painting Ophelia by Sir John Everett Millais (one of the founders of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood) completed between 1851 and 1852.

It depicts Ophelia, a character from Shakespeare's play Hamlet, singing before she drowns in a river.

Can be seen In London at the Tate Britain.

Seafood restaurant on the beach.

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Hive Beach Cafe, 19th August 2013.
One of the best seafood restaurants in the Uk.
Lyme Bay Lemon Sole, grilled with Cornish sea salt and olive oil, new potatoes and salad.
The beer wasn´t bad either.

Just like that.

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I had a ploughman’s lunch the other day. He wasn’t very happy

Police arrested two kids yesterday, one was drinking battery acid, the other was eating fireworks. They charged one and let the other one off

A man went to the doctor and said, 'I need help urgently. I keep dreaming that women come into my bedroom and I keep pushing them away.' The doctor said, 'What do you want me to do?'And the man said, 'Cut my arms off.'

Two aerials meet on a roof - fall in love - get married. The ceremony was rubbish, but the reception was brilliant

I went to buy some camouflage trousers the other day but I couldn’t find any


Food glorious food.

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Those that know me know that my day and especially holidays evolve around food, I think its an inherited thing as i'm not alone in this amonst other members of the larger family, you know who you are!

English breakfast eaten at The Riverside Cottage Canteen & Deli, Axminster on the 19th August 2013

Don't do it.

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Vampire woman from Mexico, also has horns and fangs inserted.
And to think that she started with a small tatoo on her wrist!

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