Last Saturday down the North End Road

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This is the road outside of West Kensington tube station, and the road off where Ebba lives and the road where our hotel was.

Further up the road is a daily (not Sunday) fruit and veg market virtually every bowl was £1! Good quality stuff, if only we lived nearby!
This road also has some family history from my great grandfather (Sidney) on my mothers side.
Below from Angies book
"Sidney Arthur Beck age 22 married Florence Thorn on February 15th 1914 at the
Parish Church of St. Luke, Chelsea and Sid said his father, Arthur Beck, was a
Chauffeur. Their daughter Dorothy was born and Britain declared war on Germany
on August 4th.  My grandfather, William Arthur Beck, enlisted in the Army Service Corps saying he was only 40 years old. He was sent to France on the 3rd October 1915 until 3rd March 1916. I wonder if he was involved in the Gallipoli evacuation at Anzac and Suvia Bay on December 20th. He
was discharged ‘no longer physically fit’ on 25th September 1916, his wife Emma
and the three girls, Isobel 12, Cicely 10 and Alive 6 were living at 347 North End Road in Fulham.
347 North End Road how it is today.


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