Only in England.

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This is the article on the internet from one of the national newspapers .

Arctic blast will bring snowfalls next week, with temperatures set to plummet below freezing (but experts say the snow will be 'pretty' rather than a problem!)

The coldest weather of the year so far is set to hit swathes of the country as Arctic winds bring flurries of snow and widespread frost, with temperatures dipping as low as -3C.
Seems like we have timed our holiday just right.
The cold temperature as low as -3C !!  
Being in Östersund we are used to very cold winters the coldest I have been outside in (since 1989) is -34C (that was two years ago) usually  we are around the -10 to -15 mark most days in december - january, but there can be periods stretching to weeks in the -20's.  I have noticed that the winters have been milder in the last five years or so (apart from a 3 week period -two years ago)  Like this winter for example, it has't gone into the double figures yet.   In Sweden its a dry cold so often doesn't seem so cold as in a damp cold like in the UK, if you have been to Sweden in the winter you know what I mean. 


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