Christmas at home.

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The tree is in the house, one of the better ones we have had through the years. Its going to be dressed later today (tradition is the day before xmas eve in Sweden) we usually don't put out too many other decorations than around the tree, but have plenty of lights and candles.
Below, picture taken on Christmas eve 2012.

Unique visitors.

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The last two days the 19th and 20th december only TWO unique visitors have visited my blog (persons from different pc's) thats my mum & me! I only set this blog up for a laugh as I had been joking about "John´s blog " for quite a while with family members. Ok I haven't really advertised my blog so thats one reason why no ones looking, the other reason could be that the blog is rubbish and even my CLOSET family has deserted me! The most unique visitors I have had in a day is 13, up until this week its been around 5 most days, but since the 16th december its been 2 or 3. So the time has come for new adventures ..............
........... so start reading my tweets instead.    Four days left of this blog!

On my 16th day .............

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........... in a row up in Umeå, going home early Friday morning and then not working for 17 days, so that ok.

Have read three books whilst not working plus all the magazines I bought back from England. Books I have read are ........

Happy ....--

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Good news at the vets after tests Happy´s lump (egg size) seems to be a fatty lump (lipomas - benign form), will probably take it away after xmas, these lumps are common in labradors
me have a fatty lump?     
don't worry i'm fine, let me sleep.

Storm Ivar.

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Östersund and the county of Jämtland was and still is the main news story from yesterday to today in Sweden. Storm Ivar hit town, all bridges were closed, parts of town were sealed off (1st time since I have been here) and trees were falling down everywhere, power was cut (still 19,000 households are without power) as I'm stuck in Umeå I missed all this, our house survived but a few items have been thrown around our varanda and garden. Being around the mountain region we are used to wind and storms in Östersund but this was out of the ordinary.

Östersund closed off, Fia's work is in the background by the 2nd street light on the left-hand side. 

One of the worlds best ............

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..... seafood restaurants!
I read about it in a newspaper in 2012 that rated it one of the top five seafood restaurants in the world!

On our road trip in August we were lucky to get to the Hive Beach Cafe en route to Weymouth, well good and we were lucky with the weather.

Yes, as you can see someone in our party  (no names mentioned)  had a ham sandwich in one of the worlds best seafood restaurants!

Santa Lucia

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Saint Lucia's Day is the church feast day dedicated to Lucia of Syracuse, also known as Saint Lucy, and is observed on 13 December. St. Lucia’s Day is celebrated most commonly in Italy and in Scandinavia. In traditional celebrations, Saint Lucy comes as a young woman with lights and sweets. It is one of the very few saint days observed in Scandinavia. In some forms, a procession is headed by one girl wearing a crown of candles (or lights), while others in the procession hold only a single candle each.


Whats so special about today?

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All days in Sweden are associated with a name and called a names day, usually ends up in the said person recieving a small pressie, today the 12th december its Alexander's day, but as hes moved out I guess hes missed out on his present, tough life.

Elizabeth Sidall - worlds first supermodel

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Elizabeth Eleanor Siddal (25 July 1829 – 11 February 1862) was an English artists' model, poet and artist who was painted and drawn extensively by artists of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, including William Holman Hunt, Walter Deverell, John Everett Millais (including Millais' 1852 painting Ophelia) and most of Dante Gabriel Rossetti's early paintings of women.

Our Happy.

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She is off to the vet on Wednesday morning as she has another lump on her chest (size of an egg) she had one about this time last year, it turned out being a fatty lump (lipomas - benign form) hope its the same and nothing more serious and they can take it away easily.



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Reminded about Oxford yesterday evening whilst watching "Lewis" we had two vey good days in Oxford in August, here are a selection of our photographs

Its been a sports day in front of the TV

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As I am up in Umeå and have the day off I have to find something to pass my time (can't be at the gym all day) so I have been watching sports all day.
Started with cross country skiing 10 km Women World cup Charlotte Kalla Sweden came 2nd this morning, then Biathlon world cup womens relay , then a Championship football match, then Biathlon world cup mens relay Sweden came 2nd , and now another Championship football match, plus two more matches this evening.

New York

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As Alexanders girlfriend is in New York thought I would share some of our photo's of our visit two years ago.


Yesterday and today

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I hadn´t thought about it for a long long time but I suddenly realised that the 5th of December (yesterday)  had some significance and then remembered what it was.

Yesterday was my Great Grandad's birthday and today the 6th December my Nan died aged only 57!

road trip 2

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August 2013 , Devon, Dorset and Hampshire.
Two day road trip with an old step ladder on the roof!  I wonder what ever happened to that step ladder?

On the way to work ......

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................ on Monday I met three different herds of reindeers on the road !!.


My journey is 380 kms takes around 4 hours + during the winter so see plenty of wildlife.
Elks are probably what I see most often and they are very very big and dangerous, they cause the most accidents and fatalitys, not what I want to meet in the middle ot the road on a dark night!
other interesting animals I have met on the road are ....

King Eagle, nearly as big as the reindeer (road kill)  it was getting tucked into!
Beaver, the car in front of me couldn't avoid it!
I was with Ebba & Alexander when we saw a brown bear with two cubs about 50/60 meters from the road in the forest, these you don't want to meet face to face!   With the last census Sweden had about 2,500 brown bears, with 1,000 living in our county, the forest that I drive through Strömsund has more brown bears per km than anywhere in the world! 

Road trip

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 August 2013 . Wiltshire, Somerset, Dorset and Devon. England.

Another stormy day in Jämtland

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from the internet.
Extreme Winds
The women's 10K pursuit was stopped this morning in Östersund, due to unfair conditions from tornado-like winds. The competition jury met shortly after it was stopped and decided to cancel the competition. It will not be rescheduled or rerun at any time.

This was one of the worst days ever for a pursuit competition, with winds from the right and back of the shooting range blasting the athletes with mini tornadoes of snow from the start. After battling the conditions, for two prone stages and part of the first standing, the competition was stopped and shortly thereafter cancelled.

A little culture ...

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... got to the Tate Britain for a couple of hours on our last day in London. Went to see the pre-raphaelite pictures BUT all but four were on a tour of the world (Tokyo) so then looked around the Turner collection and British art through the ages.

Dante Gabriel Rossetti
This was Rossetti’s first completed oil painting and the first picture to be exhibited with the initials ‘PRB’, for Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood, inscribed on it.
William Holman Hunt
Sir John Everett Millais

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