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Publicerad 2013-12-21 08:56:00 i Allmänt,

The last two days the 19th and 20th december only TWO unique visitors have visited my blog (persons from different pc's) thats my mum & me! I only set this blog up for a laugh as I had been joking about "John´s blog " for quite a while with family members. Ok I haven't really advertised my blog so thats one reason why no ones looking, the other reason could be that the blog is rubbish and even my CLOSET family has deserted me! The most unique visitors I have had in a day is 13, up until this week its been around 5 most days, but since the 16th december its been 2 or 3. So the time has come for new adventures ..............
........... so start reading my tweets instead.    Four days left of this blog!


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