On the way to work ......

Publicerad 2013-12-05 16:10:00 i Allmänt,

................ on Monday I met three different herds of reindeers on the road !!.


My journey is 380 kms takes around 4 hours + during the winter so see plenty of wildlife.
Elks are probably what I see most often and they are very very big and dangerous, they cause the most accidents and fatalitys, not what I want to meet in the middle ot the road on a dark night!
other interesting animals I have met on the road are ....

King Eagle, nearly as big as the reindeer (road kill)  it was getting tucked into!
Beaver, the car in front of me couldn't avoid it!
I was with Ebba & Alexander when we saw a brown bear with two cubs about 50/60 meters from the road in the forest, these you don't want to meet face to face!   With the last census Sweden had about 2,500 brown bears, with 1,000 living in our county, the forest that I drive through Strömsund has more brown bears per km than anywhere in the world! 


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