No Biathlon today.

Publicerad 2013-11-27 21:55:00 i Allmänt,

Went to the Biathlon today only for it to be called off just one minute before the first person should start.

Been fairly stormy all day, but they thought it would be ok until five minutes before the start when a major storm made a direct hit on the stadium,

 As reported online
Sleet, Snow and Heavy Winds
The competition jury decided to postpone the women’s 15K individual until Thursday at 13:15, due to athlete safety considerations. The Östersund Ski Stadium was blasted with a sudden sleet and snow burst accompanied by extremely heavy winds, making for extremely unsafe conditions. As the first starters were heading to the start house, a fierce wind blasted the
stadium, blowing several tents and banners in the spectator area while trees
were bent almost horizontal. Just as quickly, heavy sleet and snow followed.
Athletes, coaches, officials and John S. quickly exited the stadium. 


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